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Southwest Opposed Recommended Engine Inspection Timeline

Kent Krauss commenting on Dallas-based Southwest Airlines asking for more time to inspect fan blades like the one that snapped off during a flight Tuesday, causing an engine breakup and killing a passenger. More...

D. Mark Davis Receives Certification in Construction Law from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) announced D. Mark Davis received Board Certification in Construction Law. Board certification is an accomplishment achieved by fewer than 10% of practicing attorneys in Texas. More Info

Kent Krause commenting on Southwest Airlines Engine failure caused by metal fatigue.

NBC Video

Delta Accused of "Trespass" in New Love Field Legal Battle

From NBC5, Craddock Davis & Krause Partner Kent Krause, weighs in on the new battle for gate space between Southwest and Delta at Dallas Love Field NBC Video

Two Decades of Exceptional Service

This year, Craddock Davis & Krause celebrates its 20th anniversary of providing high-quality legal services to corporations and individuals. Since its founding in 1993, the firm has built a reputation for thorough preparation, effective advocacy and responsiveness to its clients. Putting our national resources to work in dealing with today’s increasingly complicated litigation, the lawyers of Craddock Davis & Krause are especially adept at presenting complex matters in an understandable and persuasive way. More Info

What You Need to Know About Bird Strikes

From NBC5, former pilot and Craddock Davis & Krause Partner Kent Krause, talks about bird strikes and what airline passengers need to know about the rare instances where it happens. NBC Video

Some Pilots Oppose AA-US Airway Merger Talks

New pilot opposition has surfaced to a proposed merger of bankrupt American Airlines and US Airways that the pilots' union leaders strongly support. Craddock Davis & Krause partner Kent Krause provides insight to NBC5. NBC Video

Firm Members Named Texas Super Lawyers

D. Mark Davis and Kent C. Krause were named to a list of the top lawyers in the State of Texas. "Texas Super Lawyer" is a peer selected designation given to only 5% of all lawyers in Texas. D. Mark Davis was listed in the Super Lawyers, Business Edition 2012 under Construction Litigation. 2012 was the seventh year in row that Kent Krause received that honor and the second year in a row that D. Mark Davis was recognized.

American Airlines Bankruptcy

American Airlines filed bankruptcy on November 29th, 2011, the last of the so called Legacy Airlines to do so. Craddock Davis & Krause partner Kent Krause provides insight to several Dallas media outlets including these NBC5 interviews.   NBC Video 1   NBC Video 2

Photo Sparks Debate About Overweight Passengers

The weight of passengers has become an issue after a picture began circulating on aviation blogs. Craddock Davis & Krause attorney Kent Krause provides insight in this KDAF interview.

Mark Davis Speaks to Construction Industry

Craddock Davis & Krause name partner, Mark Davis, recently spoke to members of the construction industry on the subject of How Not to Get Sued. Mr. Davis offered his experienced perspective to the industry on how to minimize exposure to the claims that invariably arise from any complex construction project.

Supporting Presentation - How Not to Get Sued

Continental Airlines 1404 Crash - December 21, 2008

The outcome of the crash of Continental Flight 1404 from Denver to Houston has striking resemblances to other aviation accidents involving aircraft abruptly leaving a runway or taxiway surface. In particular, the crash of American Airlines Flight 1420 in Little Rock, Arkansas and the crash landing of America West Flight 794 in Phoenix, Arizona are two accidents that had similar results. While an aircraft like the Boeing 737 involved in the 1404 crash has proved durable for the pressures of flight, it, like all aircraft, is poorly suited for abrupt impact with the ground. The breaking apart and fire that occurred in the 1404 accident is eerily similar to the AA 1420 and the AW 794 accidents. Fortunately, no one was killed in the 1404 crash, but many were injured physically and mentally. Not unlike an automobile crash, passengers on 1404 can expect that some symptoms, such as neck and back pain, to increase over time. Also, not to be underestimated or summarily dismissed are serious and real psychological injuries such as post traumatic stress disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD. Please contact us if you have any questions about or need additional information regarding the 1404 crash.

Firm Members Named Texas Super Lawyers

For the seventh year in a row, Kent C. Krause was named one of the top lawyers in the State of Texas in a peer selected designation sponsored by Texas Monthly Magazine. The designation of "Texas Super Lawyer" is given to only 5% of all lawyers in Texas. D. Mark Davis was selected as a Texas Super Lawyer in the field of construction litigation for the second year in a row.


Krause's Annual Update of Aviation Tort and Regulatory Law Published by West

The definitive three volume treatise AVIATION TORT AND REGULATORY LAW, which was first published in 2002 by West Group, is updated annually by firm member Kent Krause. Krause, who originally authored the work with his father, Charles F. Krause, provides annual updates and case supplements that are published each year by West.

Kent Krause Named Co-Chair of Dallas Bar Association's Legal Ethics Committee

Craddock Davis & Krause name partner, Kent Krause was selected by Dallas Bar President Frank Stevenson to serve as Co-Chair of the DBA's Legal Ethics Committee for 2008.

Mark Davis Presents University of Texas Presentation on Construction Defects

D. Mark Davis recently co-presented "Anatomy of a Construction Defect Case" for the 2012 University of Texas Construction Law Conference. The presentation covered practical strategies for owners and contractors when faced with multi-party construction claims. Effective resolution strategies were a focus along with insurance pitfalls and subcontractor responsibilities.

Supporting Presentation - Anatomy of a Construction Defect Case