Craddock Davis & Krause LLP


We are truly versed in planes, trains and automobiles. From our centrally located Dallas, Texas based law offices, our firm has extensive litigation and dispute resolution experience in a number of transportation related industries, including aviation, railway, maritime, FELA, automotive and trucking. We have handled a wide array of matters including labor and employment, insurance, bankruptcy, business disputes, consumer claims, products liability, wrongful death and other complex litigation. Firm members are recognized as national leaders in aviation and railroad related litigation. Our boutique trial law practice allows us to give personal attention to our clients and put our national resources to work in dealing with today's increasingly complicated litigation. The firm accepts (and encourages) referrals of specific matters from other lawyers and law firms and handles cases on a variety of fee arrangements tailored to each case. The firm also joint ventures cases with other firms when appropriate and serves as local counsel for firms from other parts of the country. Information regarding significant cases in which the firm has been involved is available upon request. Contact us at to determine how our experience can help you.